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4 Tips To Market Your Website Free After Launch!

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Market your Website after launch

You have spent a few evenings typing out content for your new site. Next, you give the information to your developer, and a few weeks later you have a website that you love! After the LAUNCH of your website, what do you do next?

Lots of companies consider the launch of their website all that’s required in marketing their business and attracting sales but that is not the case. Although a website done right should sell itself, it doesn’t mean anything if there are no visitors going to it.

Below we have put together a few tips/tricks you can do on your own that will help get your website noticed!

1. Link your Companies Website to Google Local

If you do not have Google Local for your business we recommend you sign up and verify your business through Google Local. Once Google has verified you, Google Local is a great free form of advertising, and listing your website makes it easy for viewers to find when they are searching for your business. Within Google Local, you can spend time uploading your address, hours of operation, logo, and photos. The more information a potential visitor can search for easily, the more likely they’ll view your website and give you a call. Don't have time, check out our service "Google My Business Setup".

2. Link your Companies Website to Social Media Accounts

This is simple but lots of business owners forget to do it. Linking your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to your website can generate more traffic back to your site. The main goal is to direct potential customers back to your website as you’ve spent countless hours generating the content you want people to know and share with others.

3. Add Your Website URL to Existing Business Directories

It is very important to be consistent across all platforms when submitting your business information to business directories. There are 100’s of free directories you can sign up for. Hubspot provides a great list of the Top 57 Online Free Directories here.

Google gets confused when the name, address, phone number, and website URL are not correct on all platforms. When registering your Company information to a directory website, ensure you enter the exact information that Google Local has on file. If you have existing directory submissions go find them, log in, and add your website URL information to them. If you are unsure where you have listed your business in the past, check out MOZ and download your free trial to view your linking domains. 

4. Share your Website URL on Social Media Platforms

You should be proud of a website done right! Take the time and share, share, share!!
An estimated 2.77 billion users around the globe use a form of social media and this number in trending year over year. Navigate your Instagram for 5 minutes right now and you’ll notice businesses that team up with one another for free giveaways. LinkedIn is also a great platform to share your website with fellow entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of strategies across all social media to boost your website traffic and in turn, generate sales. If this feels overwhelming or you simply just don't have time, check out our Social Media Services Packages. We can handle all of this for you well you continue building and working on the business side that you love. 

Ultimately, you want to get your website in front of the right traffic but doing the things listed above is a great start! As a Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency, we are always happy to help to get your website noticed on the Web! 

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